Get behind these sustainable Queen’s on Insta…

I’m a person whose developed ten years of my life through a social media app. In fact, we all are. It’s mad to think how you now ‘grow up’ with these social accounts, transforming what you used to be interested in, from previously double-tapping Kim Kardashians nails to saving recipes about leftover cabbage leaves. Given there’s been no outrageous partying emerging into your news feed in the last year, people have spent time focusing on what they want to see. For me, it was educating myself on climate change, so I dug deep to find accounts providing useful tips on how I can improve our future for younger generations.

There’s been a transformation in conveying the brutal reality to Londoners around climate change in 2021, and people luckily aren’t ignoring the figures for our alarming days ahead. In the words of Obama, “we are the last generation to do something about it”. Here are some Insta accounts you should get behind to join the fight.


It really is the simplest things that make all the difference when it comes to household trips for sustainability. Brightly Eco gives small tips for millennials to educate themselves on how to buy sweets, swimwear, and be part of eco influencing. It’s aimed at the youngsters diving headfirst into buying fast fashion, to make them stop and think realistically about their actions. She uses graphics on her posts to clearly explain the good to the bad, in an informative and educational way, to even growing your own avocados from the pit!


With her beautifully placed images, Jihea chats about food waste, ethical organic coffee, and plastic-free kitchen essentials to give you some insights into what to order from your own home. Her posts are warm and enlightening, letting you know what books to read, what chocolate to eat, and where to find bulk markets in London. Her sustainable lifestyle mirrors her mindful practices and you feel uplifted with her advice on how to start your eco journey.


What if you have a manic lifestyle, and you simply don’t have time to look into sustainability? Natalie Davies gives some incredible advice on how to not waste food, from freezing squishy fruits for crumbles, or placing spring onions in water for longer freshness. She looks at the importance of independent shops, and chats about zero waste snacks for when you’re on the move. She’s also honest about the cost, and looks at what fits within your budgets of making it work at home.


There’s been an empowering push behind women getting behind climate change, and chicks for climate links both femism and environmentalism together. Their posts are insightful, giving detailed facts to educate the masses on what our government are doing behind closed door. They compare and discuss companies to get behind, talk about race, and discuss gender equality that leaves you informed and in the know with how to help. Their graphics and images are brave, colourful and engaging to shout about and get behind!

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