Meat-eaters, I challenge you.

Raise your hand if you’ve drolled over a KFC advert in the past. I’m sure you were blissfully unaware as a child of the cardiac arrest you’d endure from making it your regular snack. It’s fair to say certain greasy dishes attract our peckish eyes. In the last ten years, we've questioned our meat production, being alerted that the process generates 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions, turning our attention to better environmental diets on our plates.

The number of vegans in Great Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2019. Despite 3D carrots addressing the nation about the importance of veg, vegan cuisine isn’t considered a naughty fast-food treat. Thankfully, Netflix swayed beef worshippers with their 2018 documentary ‘Game Changers’. The show wonderfully lays out protein-rich alternatives by zooming in on salivating dishes like mac & cheese and buffalo wings in America. Not only that, but the protagonists were bulky muscular athletes engulfing their plants; a somewhat different perception of a vegetarian’s body frame.

Eat Them to Defeat Them | Veg Power & ITV (2020)

Five years ago, fries were about the only plant snack Londoners believed they eat from the menu, “well I know I can have potato’s… so give me three portions of fries.” When I switched towards the health cult, my drunk brain would whip up a french baguette with spaghetti hoops as my midnight snack. I foolishly thought, grasping the tomato mush, this was my only source of ‘bad’ food as a plant-eater. And then came the big dogs.

There are a few combining inventions that helped us develop and recreate mouth-watering plant meals. Surprisingly, non-dairy cheese has been around for a while. It originating in China in the 16th century made from fermented tofu, again not the most inviting dish to try. However, there are now 387 vegan cheeses available in the UK. Thankfully for me and my boozed antics, this coconut square has transformed food companies to create burgers, pizza’s, and hotdogs to relish across the city.

And then came the superhero — pea protein. This brave component formed patties and sausages across the isles of the supermarkets. Have you noticed that the tiny section for those seeking out meat-free alternatives has extended to a full row of fridges recently? Pea Protein is used in most vegan supplement recipes, extracted in powder form from the yellow and green split peas, it helps pump our bodies with nutrition and increase muscle mass.

So meat-eaters, you don’t have to eat soggy white bread with tinned food. The highly publicised diet is transforming our cities, and helping replenish our planet. Why not let the delicious meals speak for itself?

I’ve listed below three of the BEST vegan burgers to try in London today.

Creating vegan chicken seems like true wizardry. It’s the one meat, with shredded thin layers and crispy skin, that seems impossible to replicate with plant ingredients. Well — they used their wands and fooled us. Temple of Seitan first opened their branch in Hackney and has since boomed in creating delicious meat-free buns to squash into your gob. I inhaled the ‘Temple Burger Chick’ n Fillet’ which came with Ranch Mayo, “Bacon”, “Cheese”, Lettuce, Pickles. If raced against the treasured ‘Mcchicken burger’ it would breeze across the finish line with Lewis Hamilton. Ginger, Rocky, and Mac from Chicken Run, you’ve been saved!

Beans don’t exactly make for the tastiest burger to tuck into, but a smoky bbq apple rustic roll truly is. The Hogless Roast is full of plant-based protein and fibre, gluten-free, and it tastes phenomenal. There’s no dryness in the burger that usually trials alongside a vegan patty, and the sauces; combined with the brittle crackling; is revolutionary. The fake skin aspect is crisp and tangy and gives you that extra layer of texture for the meal. It’s a statement invention from Matt and Ross, two vegans craving an old fashioned hog roast. I challenge any pig eating individual to taste the difference. Us lazy millennials can even order it on Deliveroo, so there’s no excuse not gobble the juiciest burger in Hackney wick from your sofa.

This brand placed Mcdonald’s and Burger King into a ring, churned in some fresher ingredients, and launched a tantalising quarter pounder that melts slowly in your mouth. It’s the simple burger on the street that you want quick, fast, and tasty. Halo Burger has an impressive selection of vegan sauces like mayo, bbq, and siracha, so you can deck out your delicious patty however you fancy. The chain is transforming how locals view fast food and veganism forever!

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