The MOST mouth-watering moments in films

Movies can never win with food. One side of an audience is whispering to their partner, ‘This is so unrealistic, I haven’t seen the actors eat once.” The opposite side is scrabbling to the hot dog line in hunger after watching a character devour a sausage mustard bun. I’m constantly dashing to the kitchen in lockdown due to the focus on food in films. Let’s look back at which ones have got ours legs moving most.


You know this as much as I do. Bong Joon-ho did a phenomenal job with his oscar-winning movie. What he also did, in a tense moment during the film when the housekeeper prepares dinner for the mother, was dramatically increase the sales of Ram-Dan across the world. The scene itself is already nail-biting, as the family returns home from a camping trip much earlier than expected, leaving only 8 minutes to cook this tantalising dish. As the housekeeper prepares the broth in some sort of manic routine, stirring chocksticks in a pan, I’m sure I wasn’t the only audience member frantically trying to learn her culinary skills. As she presents it to the mother, the beef sirloin is pulled away from the broth into her mouth. I’m an advocate vegan but, my word, all I wanted to do at that moment was add packets of noodles into my amazon basket to relive the steaming sensations of this rich dish.

Parasite 2019 (Ram Dan Noodles)


I can hold my hands up to admit I’ve never eaten a cake with my fingers in my adult life. However, after seeing how wonderfully delighted Amy Adams and Bruce Bogtrotter are in their own attempts on screen, I think it’s time to throw the fork out the window. ‘Julia and Julia’ is a movie that pays homage to some incredible french recipes from Julia Child’s cookbooks. One that stuck my tongue out, in particular, was the Chocolate and Almond Cake. The young blogger, Powell, makes this delicacy in her kitchen as her husband dives into the dark mess on the plate. It seriously makes you desire a mountain amount of granulated sugar on your sofa.

Julia and Julia 2009 (Chocolate and Almond Cake)


Who would have thought a fantasy adventure movie about mythical creatures could make me hungry. But who couldn't be tempted by Queenie’s magical cooking? The film has many rare ‘foody’ moments, but in the original 2016 release, as Newt and Jacob are invited to dine with Porpentina and her cousin Queenie, we see a mouth-watering dish lowered into the eye line of the scene. The popular pastry in Austria is glistened under our eyes in the scene as icing sugar is sprinkled over for the finishing touch. There is something comforting about experiencing a well-baked Apple Strudel on the screen which I’m sure left audiences googling opening times of their local bakery.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2016 (Apple Strudel)


Everything about this movie is impeccable. The finer details of scenery and props in this remake of Jo Marsh’s life are engaging to say the least. This one particular moment made me yearn for food more than Mo Farah longs for running. As the four sisters return home in the chattering winter, they are welcomed by a decorative table of eggs, bacon, pork belly, cakes, scones, bread, and pasteries that Mr. Lawrence has kindly sent over (Mr. Lawrence became my ideal man at this moment). As the actress’ tuck into the pink meringues, their mother insists they transport the dreamy overload of food to a nearby starving family. I was already inches out of my seat into the cupboard searching for biscuits when the women walked through the door.

Little Women 2019 (Breakfast table)

It seems the modern-day high definition cameras are cleverly keeping our bellies rumbling from these heavenly food moments in movies. Let hope I can learn to settle the temptations, otherwise my lockdown food supply will be shrinking sufficiently in the coming weeks.

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